Maintenance of Way

Rail Sweepers, Tree Shears& Saws

Rail Sweeper

The Dymax Rail Sweeper for Skid Steers features a high torque, low speed hydraulic motorthat drives the sweeper head. Ideal for cleaning tracks and around switchpoints, as well as sanding areas and removing contaminants such as snow, sand,dirt, coal dust, and ballast. Reduce manual labor and increase productivity. Available with poly or steel bristles.

Grapple Tree Shears

For allexcavators brands, certain skid steers and multi-terrain loaders, DymaxRailmanufactures tree shear models with up to 20-inch cutting capacity. Heavy-dutyframe construction, replaceable dual shear knives and, grapple arms standard.Options include accumulator bunch cutting arm and for excavators hydraulictilt. Fits specific coupler models or pins directly to the stick. Divertervalve kit provided.

Tree Saws

Dymax RailTree Saws are engineered to cut through the hardest types of wood found invegetation management projects. These tree saws are available for skid loadermachines and feature tough carbide cutting teeth.

Vortex & VortexMax Brushcutters

The DymaxRail Vortex features a 750 lb flywheel and is available for skid steer loaders.Featuring a 70 or 80 inch cutting disk, the Vortex delivers outstanding cuttingperformance and is built to last. The VortexMax for excavators features a 60inch cutting disk, and is available for machines up to 25 ton capacity, with adual discharge deck design.

180° Limb Shear

The DymaxRail 180° limb shear is for 8T to 25T excavators. The limb shear features up to180 degrees of hydraulic rotation, and is ideal for pruning limbs alongsiderail network lines. Efficiently open up canopies and bring light back into yourtracks!